Author:- Amish tripathi

Genre:- Fiction

Book series name:- Ramchandra

Om Namo Bhagavate Vishnudevay Tasyai Sitadevyai namo namah

Salutations to the great God Vishnu salutations, Salutations to Lady Sita

Plot:- The story of Sita starting from the little kid to the warrior of mithila is very interestingly and beautifully written. Most of the characters are strongly written, unique in their thinking and add value to the story.
Now coming to the second part. it is the story which follows after Ram meets Sita. So you can easily recall the situations from the previous book. In this book, the situations and instances are described from Sita’s point of view. It is also nicely written but you are already knowing what is the end result of a particular situation as it is already written in the first book.

Review:- After finishing first book of this series I was so much excited to read this book. It was personally amazing experience of mine. I was literally feeling goosbums. I love the storytelling way of author. The way he had portrayed the scene when Janak and Sunaina found Sita for the first time is imagined very uniquely. Sitaโ€™s character is carved out very well as a warrior with brains since the beginning of the novel. The enigmatic sage Vishwamitra is one of the important character in this novel. The descriptions of peopleโ€™s reactions, any weapon, any character is so nicely detailed! Pretty words pop out then and now, making one admire the simple yet grand vocabulary of the author. The characters such as Jatayu, Hanuman and others who are physically so different from humans in the original epic, have been beautifully adopted by the author in his version of the epic.

In Scion of Ikshvaku it’s Ram’s perspective and emotions while here its Sita’s. It gives you a different perspective of the same situation and you could see the difference between the thoughts.

The book reaches itโ€™s peak when Sita visits Agastyakootam, the capital of Malayaputrans. Author world becomes ethereal as we look at the city through Sitaโ€™s eyes. Last time, in Book 1, Author had used in his plot a story similar to Nirbhayaโ€™s case. This time, its about Jallikattu and ways of governing Indians without injustice. To accept the ideas or not is up to you, but the way he has blended them in the main story is quite good. guess the author picks up at least one incident from the present times and accommodates skilfully into the storyline. The amount of wisdom you find in this book. There are a lot of conversations filled with wisdom, a bit more of the masculine and the feminine way of life, which grabs your senses and makes you finish the book in one go.

So this is my personal experience regarding this book. Tell me about your experience and thoughts in comments below.

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