AuthorDawn Kurtagich
Genre– Horror/ Thriller Novel

Either the Darkness altersโ€”
Or something in the sight
Adjusts itself to Midnightโ€”
And Life steps almost straight.

Plot- The book starts with a report of Elmbrdige High school burn down, two people found died & one missing. Then dairy pages appears which belongs to a girl name Kaitlyn. In those pages she talk about her sister name Carly & how much she love her. Their parents died in car accident. Carly & Kaitlyn are admitted in Claydon Mental Hospital. After 10 pages I was thinking that this is about two different person Carly & Kaitlyn but, Suddenly a therapist report appears after dairy pages. The report says that Carly & Kaitlyn are not two different person, it’s two different personalities appears in one body in particular time intervals. The diseases called in phycology language is DID( Dissociative Identity Disorder) also known as multiple personalities disorders. It’s totally blow my mind. Carly’s personality appears in day time & Kaitlyn’s personality appears in night time. Carly & Kaitlyn both knows about this & both believes that they are sisters to each other. Both communicate with each other by message notes. As book going suddenly Carly stopped to write message & one day Kaitlyn wake up in morning which is odd because it’s day time Kaitlyn don’t suppose to wake in day. She becomes so confused & irritate. She thought that Carly is gone. Kaitlyn love her sister so she want Carly back the only person in her life. For that she escaped from the hospital with help of her friend called Naida . Kaitlyn wants Carly back at any price so she involve herself in kind of black magic & horrific events starts until end. End is quite dramatic.

REVIEW- I just finished this book & it was awesome experience. it’s my first horror book. The book don’t have ordinary structure like chapters. The book is in the from of Kaitlyn’s dairy pages, message book notes, therapist reports, audio tapes of treatment, video recording, CCTV footages, call regarding & even email records. It’s like you are investigator and going through criminal investigation. Both Characters of Carly & Kaitlyn are so intense. Carly is weak & afraid all time. Kaitlyn is so strong. The whole book is in dark because dairy pages written by Kaitlyn & she is alter of night. As book going suddenly a line appeared many time which called dairy page is torn which increases suspense. The book succeed to garb my attention untill end. Kaitlyn always dream about a empty house which she called dead house. At end author left us in wonder that The dead house is real or it’s just Kaitlyn/ Carly’s own brain.

Do you guys remember movies on phycology like “Aparichit”. Which is tollywood movie.

“Bhool bhulaiyaa” which is bollywood movie staring by Akshay Kumar.

I enjoyed this both movies. Both movies are too good.

All phycological asspects are related with love. I think only love can bring them back & make things as it is in this kind of disease. Love is like most powerful medicine & blessing for us.

If you are looking for horrible, spooky & creepy writing this one is awesome book to pick. After all, rainy season is just starts & I can bet this weather will increase horribleness of any horror book.

So this is my view for this book. If you are fan of horror novels recommend me such books. Tell me about your thoughts & experience about this kinda stuff in comments below.

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