Author:- Rishi Vohra

Genre:- Fiction
I may have stumbled
and stammered at
your unexpected push,
but the breeze
anchored me
and I learnt the
art of survival

Thank you so much to the author Rishi Vohra who send me this review copy in exchange of honest review.

Plot:- The book starts with our narrator & staring character Rudra. He is working as a assistant director in Hindi film industry. He has a dream to become an actor but he stammer while talking due to this he always find himself as a loser. He has a best friend called Ankur & Shibhani. These two characters always supports him & always encourage him to get what he always dreamt for. After couple of chapter a character name Richa comes into picture. Rudra fall in love with her. Richa was engaged at that time but he broke her engagement with her fiance and accept Rudra’s feelings & after that fimly twist comes into picture when Rudra was almost near to propose Richa. She broke Rudra’s heart. She told him that she would have no future with him, he don’t have any goal to achieve, he is a failure, & blahh..blahh. After this kinda heartbreak Rudra fall into bottom of earth. He totally lost interest in life, he lost his job & start drinking also. He became devdas in simple words. On the Richa’s marriage day he drank to much that his father throw him outside the home. All fimly twist starts after that,How Rudra struggled to achieve his dreams.

Review:- I totally enjoyed this story & it was quite filmy & dramatical experience for me. I love hindi cinemas & this story is so obsess with bollywood. This story has filmy punches, emotional drama, lovely-dovely hunki dorri feelings & friendly philosophy & that makes it like a perfect movie script. The character building is so light & each character plays perfect role in this story. This is so light reading. The life of the struggler in the Hindi movies is briefly delved into. I recently watched a interview of “Nawazuddin siddiqui” he is a one of best actor in bollywood industry & the struggles he made through 15 years is so motivating for any person. When Rudra was struggling to become an actor I was quite comparing Nawaz with Rudra. These things made this book even much more interesting for me. I would like to recommend this book to ever hindi cinema lovers & drama lovers out there.

This is my thoughts regarding this book. Tell me about your thoughts & experience in comments below.

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