Author:- Manoj V. Jain

Genre:- fiction Novel
Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s so important that we don’t rely on it.

I got this paper back book with a note of enjoyable wishes and in exchange of honest review from the author.

Plot:- The book start with Teesha who is gonna throw a party for the school friends. She is a mother of 17teen year girl. Reema, Aniket, Kabir and Romesh joined Teesha for this after long time meeting and catch up with each other. In prologue author mentioned about a girl name Anandita who committed suicide and she is school friend of all the characters mentioned above. As book going on all these friends talking about own life, how it’s going n what’s future plan n all. They are started talking about school experiences. After each character introduce the narrator of book comes into picture all time and he called himself a warden of his own land called “Dystopia”. According to him all people once in time passed through his land of “Dystopia” and all children learn from it that how actually life works. The reunion going on and all characters tells stories about school life & along with that our narrator constantly comes into picture after conversations and tells us actual story behind that particular experience. Slowly this reunion take us towards the truth about Anandita’s suicide why that was actually happened and who were responsible behind it.

Review:- I would like to say l enjoyed it well but at some point I was expecting much more intense where it just became simple and quite pridictable for me. I have mix feeling regarding this book though I love the concept of this book. An introduction to what is dystopia would have helped the readers to smoothly transition into the story. Similarly, a better description of what is โ€˜Shambalaโ€™ would have benefitted the reader. The writing is good but fails to interest because of the incessant transition from reality to flashback. I felt that character building is poor it also coz it contains only 146 pages only. But I love the parenting tone of this book which is important topic to discuss. Our childhood is so much important phase of our life and the cultural impact always play important role in our afterlife as well. The book perfectly discuss the situation of parents n relation with children and it is relatable. We could co realte our childhood along with all characters. We all have something good and something bad. As famous line says “we all are villain in someone’s life”. It is up to us how we pour ourselves into situations.

I could somewhat co-relate my experience regarding book with my one of favourite movie called “taare zameen par”. This movie touch the sensible corner of our heart with perfect tone of parenting. I love this movie. By the way there is no connection of this movie with book. The movie is on totally different concept but at some points I could see the parent – child relationship there that’s all.

So this is my thoughts and experiences regarding it tell me about your thoughts and experiences in comments below.

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