AuthorJennifer L armentrout

Genre– Romance/ New adult

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world-not even our troubles.

Plot– A book start with a girl name Ivy. Ivy is a part of secret society called order. Ivy’s job is to hunt down the paranormal creatures which they are calling fay. It’s Ivy’s job to hunt them down them & make sure that they don’t terrorise Human populations. Ivy lives alone in new Orleans city. She lost her family & boyfriend in fight with those paranormal creatures. So she had a hard life. Now Rein comes in picture. He also a part of order. He is a kind of bad boy not evil kind of but romantic type of. Now situation creates like Ivy & Rein have to work together. Rein is totally into Ivy,but she had difficulty past so she is scared to let him in. So it’s about Ivy & Rein trying to protect city but also trying to figure out about feeling for each other.

Review– I really enjoyed this book. Actually this my first fantasy type novel & I really enjoyed it. I love Jennifer L armentrout’s writing. I love character building, romance & settings. It’s all very beautiful but dangerous at same time. I think Jennifer did very good job to describe new Orleans city. I like Ivy’s character. She is strong & kind. Rein is perfect bad boy. I love character tink also. Tink is a creature belongs to other world. It is tiny creature just fit in our palm & it’s so funny.

Do you guys remember a movie character called “Groot” from movie “Gardian of galaxy vol.2”. Tink is like tiny Groot with wings.

Every conversation between Ivy & tink is so funny. I love the Romance part between Ivy & Rein. It is slow building flow with tension.

This is a new adult book. So it has some mature content. I would say if you are below 16 or 17 I don’t recommend this book to you. If you are above that age you will definitely enjoy this new adult paranormal writing. There is mysteries too & it’s kind of pridictable. Ending has a good twist. I like romance plotline of this book. There is balance between action & romance. I had never read anything like this before & I love it.

If you are fantasy novel reader please recommend me such kind of book in comments below.

Actually I learn something good from this book. We all have difficult past. You can relate this with your past failures or heartbreaking situations. Sometimes it’s good to move on. I know it’s impossible to forget all at time but we have to do that sooner or later. All we need to do is to live in present & make it count because PRESENT IS A GIFT that why it’s called PRESENT ๐ŸŽ.

That’s all about this book. If you are a romantic person & you like that kind of romance stuff, This book is for you.

So this is my view for this book. Share your thoughts about this stuff in comments below.

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